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frankFrom age 6 to about age 12 I played the piano. I'm glad that I started on piano. I feel that it helped me to develop a feel for chords and an over all picture of music composition at an early age. But even back as early as 7 or 8 I was exposed to the guitar. I just always felt that the guitar might be to hard to learn. After a few encounters, I started to realize that I liked the way the guitar felt under my hands. It felt very natural to me. So one day I switched to the guitar as my first instrument and never looked back. Even though I mainly focused on the guitar after that, I never forgot what I learned from the piano. After studying music for several years, I have come to realize that the guitar can be a much larger instrument if looked at from a more piano type prospective. This was further emphasized after I had the privilege of seeing Andres Segovia in San Francisco when I was 16. Watching him play changed my life. Guitar and music for that matter was never the same. Music seemed to take on a much more spiritual meaning for me and I longed for others to feel the same way. I guess that's when I started looking at trying to make my own musical statements as apposed to just playing in cover bands and on other musicians recordings. Now I find that the music is simply just another language. All I try to do now is speak what is in my spirit and let God translate the message into music through my hands.
dannyWhen I was a youngster, my father, a bassist himself, suggested that I read trombone patterns because of the fact that the trombone is a fretless instrument and it is "f'' clef. along with being a guitarist before being a bassist, I tend to think of bass as an instrument of accompaniment and not just, low end. this band allows me the freedom to be more of an artist rather than just the low end component. that being said, (so far), "fretless, low-end, accompaniment, freedom, artist, guitarist, etc....i think you might know where i am coming from- the heart, spirit, good intentions, happiness, love, GOD, the willingness to share it with everyone." straight talk: frank and T.J. have brought my musicianship to a new level recently. I believe that when musicians play/speak with/to each other, they tell each other their life's stories. I am enriched by their life stories as well as their willingness to share them with me.
tjWhat can I say about TJ. We have been playing together now for over 20 years. On top of being a great musician and a great and true friend, Tj and I have a long history of trying to "get it right" musically. He is one of the best drummers I have ever seen let alone played with! His powerful playing style has added a whole new dimension to the band both his fearlessness on stage and his dependability. With Danny Cronan covering the low end, what more can a guitar player ask for! -Frank Acosta